Christmas Countdown

I am so remiss that I never told you about this… I was waiting until Dec 1st to unveil it, I did so on twitter and if you follow me there you’ll have seen the odd tweet about it… but, finally, here’s the link to my finished Flash project for 2009… Christmas Countdown, as designed by Lorraine Birmingham, but animated by me… Go on… click, you’ll like it.

Watch this space for a more personal Merry Christmas Greeting being created as we speak…

Deep Calls to Deep

I have been party this evening to a conversation with a family member who is on a quest. This quest is causing him to doubt, very strongly, that the basic tenets of the Christian faith are true. I disagree and am formulating a rationale as to why I believe. Not, because I think I am able to change his mind, but because I think it is an important thing to be able to do, for anyone.

I’m curious though, because on the face of it Christianity (and all faiths at some level) can come across as almost outlandish sometimes, and certainly the way humanity has interpreted Christ and God and life etc. could also appear to be rather contrary to the command to love one another. why do we hold so fast to it?

Why do YOU believe? Because, sometimes, don’t you get the feeling that ‘I just do’ isn’t enough?

I should be sleeping but needless to say the aforementioned conversation has got my brain rather worked over – so while I’m sleepless Down Under, I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve a mind to share them.